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Mobile App Promotion: A Beginner's Guide

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Today, users spend more time on mobile devices than on desktop computers and prefer content adapted for a small screen. The mobile application market continues to grow, while competition is growing. Promoting your application without special knowledge in mobile marketing becomes problematic.
Therefore, we will list the main tasks for application developers who are going to release a new product, or brands that want to make mobile a part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. And also tell about where to find out more about mobile marketing in the CIS. So, what should be done to successfully promote applications.

1. Configure application analytics
Before starting any action on advertising and promotion, it is worth deciding on those KPIs that will determine the effectiveness of the chosen strategy and the tools that will collect and analyze information.

Mobile marketers, as a rule, calculate a number of metrics that show the number of users of the application and their degree of involvement:

DAU (Daily Active Users), WAU (Weekly Active Users), MAU (Monthly Active Users) - the number of unique users for a certain period of time.
Retention rate - user retention rate, shows the number of users who reused the application after installing it.
Lifetime Value - the average revenue from one user in the entire history of the application.
ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) - the average revenue from one user for a certain period, helps to determine the approximate value of one user for monetizing the application.
These and other indicators make it possible to understand how effective the campaign to attract users is and whether traffic monetizes.

How to promote mobile apps in Google AdWords?

At the end of 2015, there were more than 2.6 million applications in the two largest stores (Google Play and App Store). At the same time, 60% of them were loaded only by people related to the development.

According to a study conducted by Google and the Ipsos Study last year, more than half of users (52%) learn about applications from friends, relatives and colleagues. About 40% are found directly in application stores, 27% - through search (in stores and global search). Almost a quarter of respondents (24%) replied that they learned about applications on company websites, another 22% - from television advertising.

Google AdWords offers several options for promoting apps:
- in Google Search and Google Play;
- on the Display Network, including the Admob application network;
- on YouTube;
- universal campaigns;
- remarketing.

Search Ads
In 2015, ads for apps on Google Play search became available. It works on the same principles as regular search advertising in AdWords - for keywords. Initially, the campaign is launched both on Google Search (on devices with Android and iOS), and on search inside Google Play (Android only), but over time, ads will appear more on the site, which most often leads to installation.

The advertiser pays for a click on an ad leading to the store or application card on Google Play. For such ads, you can set up a conversion optimizer. According to Google, downloads made from search results are characterized by high LTV * and lowest installation cost (CPI) among other AdWords tools.

It is important that advertising will be shown only on devices compatible with the application and only to users who have not yet installed this application.



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By setting up analytics for your application using services such as Google Analytics, Firebase, Localytics, Devtodev, Flurry and Mixpanel, you can determine whether you are achieving your goals and avoid unnecessary expenses.

2. Optimize the page in the application store
By setting up analytics and starting to track the necessary indicators, you can focus on improving the position of the application in the store. A properly optimized page will help users easily find the application in the App Store, Google Play or in other stores, by keywords or categories.

App Store Optimization works on the principle of SEO - the selection of relevant keywords, the ratio of competitiveness, frequency and volume of attracted traffic are also important here.

However, there are many more factors that affect the ranking of the application. Pages that host high-quality screenshots of the application, videos, as well as many positive user reviews will be reflected in higher positions.

Sometimes even slight changes in the arrangement of elements on the application page affect its position. To determine the optimal page option, you can conduct an A / B test using a service such as Splitmetrics or Testnest. Having prepared several prototypes of the landing page, which imitates the appearance of the application store, such a service allows you to attract traffic through advertising and, having analyzed user behavior, understand which page configuration attracts the most targeted actions.


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3. Conduct a PR campaign
It’s better to start a promotion campaign for an application in advance - this will provide an opportunity to notify a wider audience about its release before the official release.

Of course, the release of the indie developer company will not cause the same interest as the news from the giants of the market. But this does not mean that you should completely refuse to send out press releases, because local or specialized media can write news about you.

Also invite various blogs and online resources to review your application or write an article about it. Prepare product pitches with quality screenshots and a link to the promo video. A good pitch also includes links to other materials of the journalist you are interested in and an explanation of why your application may interest him. If the pitch is composed correctly and your application is interesting, you can get a good start at the site where your target audience lives.

PR of mobile applications can be carried out using social networks and email newsletters. Attract your partners for cross-promotion. A PR campaign can be very effective for promoting the application, especially if you combine it with paid advertising.

4. Buy traffic
Purchasing mobile traffic helps to attract new users and increase the number of downloads of the application. A properly configured advertising campaign leads to high-quality traffic despite the fact that the cost of acquiring one user (Customer Acquisition Cost) does not exceed the income that he brings for the entire period of use of the application (LTV).


Note! When choosing keywords for campaigns, keep in mind that searches on Google Play are shorter than queries on Google Search.

Display Network Promotion
This type of advertising allows you to promote applications in the largest advertising network of mobile sites and Google applications (Android and iOS).

The peculiarity of this advertising, as well as regular advertising on the Display Network, is the variety of targeting methods:

1. Wide. Covers all potential users of the application.

2. Targeting by placements and categories:

Categories of applications (for example, games, finance, music and audio, etc. - more than 55 categories and subcategories in the Russian version of Google Play);
Specific applications.
3. Type of audience:

Categories of installed applications;
Users of new devices;
Demography (gender and age);
Users who have installed at least one paid application or made in-app purchases;
Remarketing (App Re-Engagement).
To run ads on the Display Network, select the campaign type "Display Network only", and then "Install mobile application."

YouTube video ads
If the advertiser has good videos, they can run ads on YouTube. The most effective format is video that you can skip. Working with this format, the advertiser pays to watch the whole video or click on the button to go to the application store. If the user skips the video, no fee will be charged.

To start video advertising, select the campaign type "Video campaign" - "Install mobile application".

Universal app campaigns
This type of app promotion was launched in September 2015 and allows you to simultaneously run ads on all available AdWords sites: search, affiliate networks, YouTube. Thus, the tool saves time for launching ads of each format individually and simplifies management.